Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I sign up?

Please complete and submit the form. PICK-UP/DELIVERY  Once we receive and review your requirements we will contact you to confirm your enrollment and get your credit/debit card information. Your card will be charged when your laundry is delivered.


Is there a pick-up and delivery charge?

No. It’s FREE!! REALLY!!

Can I pay by check?

Unfortunately we only accept credit/debit cards.


How often can I get pick-up and delivery?

Weekly, unless you require a special pickup. Call for pricing.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, the minimum charge is $29.85 which includes FREE pickup and  delivery. Anything over 15 pounds is billed at your current membership plan plus any specialty items/detergents you requested.


What happens if I’m not home?

No problem. Just leave the laundry somewhere we can access it and then log into your account and edit your Pickup/Delivery Instructions. Many customers have us leave their laundry at their back door or in a foyer

Is there a contract or long term commitment?


What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is 24 hours, holidays and weekends excluded.

Will Chatham Laundromat remind me to leave out my laundry for pickup?

Yes, we have an automated system to call and remind you.